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Eyeballs and Goo!

Dear Camper Families,

It was a fun week at "Eyeballs and Goo!"


This morning, campers traced their bodies onto large paper. This will be used throughout the week to add body parts of as the class leaners about different systems. After the snack, both groups learned about the brain. The Juniors did a five senses activity with popcorn. In the afternoon, they learned about the nervous system and played nervous system games. 
Seniors Making Body Models
 The 5 Senses and Popcorn!


Today was Heart Day! In the morning, the classes learned about the importance of the heart and added the heart to their body outlines. The seniors did several pulse activities. The Juniors learned about heart health and the importance of exercise. They then went outside to play some water games (staying cool AND keeping the heart healthy!) In the afternoon, the Juniors made heart paintings while the Seniors played mind bender games.
 Painting Hearts: A Human Heart and a Valentine Heart
Ms. Suzanne playing games with the Seniors
Look at that Puzzle! Nice work, Seniors!


In the morning, the Juniors learned about lungs and put lungs onto their body models. The Seniors had a quest visitor, a nutritionist, visit. She led them through a "fat lab," wherein they rubbed an assortment of foods onto brown paper to test for fat. Midday, they learned about lung safety. The Juniors made model lungs. In the afternoon, both classes went outside to have a water balloon fight.
Fat Lab
Ms. Kristen demonstrating how smoking affects your lungs
Check out our model lungs!
Afternoon Water Fun


Today the students learned about the digestive system. In the morning, the seniors completed that Fat Lab with the nutritionist. The Juniors made a food collage. Both classes got to feel "intestines" (aka pasta, grapes, and shaving cream!). In the afternoon, the Juniors and Seniors played grocery store. Thye had a store set up in their class and they shopped for healthy choices. 
Showing off the Fat Lab results
 Food Collages
Feeling "Intestines"
Grocery Shopping


Today, the campers learned about muscles and bones. They also got to play a life-sized operation game! In the afternoon, they made slime and played in the sprinklers. 

This has been a delightful group to work with and we will miss them! Enjoy this beautiful slideshow of the week made by our counselor, Joanna. 


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