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Preparing for Camp 2019

Dear Camp Families, Welcome to DaVinci Experience! We are so glad that you will be a part of the DaVinci family this summer. This post will provide you with the information you need to prepare for your upcoming camp experience.  What to Bring to Camp Be sure to label your child's belongings with their name.   - Snack, water bottle, and bag lunch (no lunch for half day campers)  - If staying for Extended PM, send an extra snack  - Sunscreen and bug spray (please apply prior to arrival)    - Sneakers or shoes safe for running (no crocs or flip-flops, please!)  - A smock or large t-shirt for painting Directions to Camp:  Our Falmouth programs will be taking place at the  Mason Motz Activity Center,  which is located at 190 Middle Rd. in Falmouth. Please enter through the double doors that face Middle Road. For the safety of our campers, the Middle Road doors are unlocked only arrival and pick-up times. Please use the front door by Falmouth Community
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Secrets of Sound

Secrets of Sound It was a musical week at DaVinci! Monday It was COVID Monday! The campers made hand sanitizer and decorated their supply boxes. In the afternoon the campers learned about sound and how it travels in waves. Tuesday Today the campers learned how sound can impact them emotionally. They listened to music and created "mood" watercolors. The Juniors studied the Carnival of the Animals and pretended to be the animals in the songs. In the afternoon the campers studied echolocation.  Wednesday It was instrument day! Both classes made a variety of instruments. The Junior class also made fish puppet so that they could dance to the aquarium song from the Carnival of Animals soundtrack.  Thursday-Friday On Thursday, the campers prepared for their talent show, which was performed on Friday. Bravo, campers! 

Grinding Gears with Engineers

Grinding Gears with Engineers It was a busy week of planning and building at Grinding Gears! Miss Anna with the Juniors  Monday It was "COVID Monday" at camp. The campers decorated face masks, made hand sanitizer, and crafted their very own supply boxes. In the afternoon the classes learned about building with paper and cardboard.  Box experimentation! Tuesday It was bridge day at camp. The campers began the day be receiving a challenge: they had to build a bridge and were limited to using the supplies they had at their tables. Later in the day, they got to build a bridge using ANY supplies from the room. Bridge challenge: can you build a bridge with only legos and blocks? Wednesday It was tower day at camp. The campers attempted to build towers with spaghetti and marshmallows. They also learned about the importance of materials when they built a tower out of shaving cream, and then one out of clay. They discussed which tower was easier a

Week at the Sandy Spa

WEEK AT THE SANDY SPA ON COUSIN'S ISLAND  DaVinci's Spa week is all about health beauty and science. We talk about healthy diets, exercise, products, and friendships. Here were some highlights of our week! Spa Products One of our big focuses at the sandy spa is that it is so important to know what you are putting on your body. Organic can be expensive and sometimes misleading. We made all sorts of spa products this week:  Sugar Lip Scrub Avocado Face Masks Foot Scrub Hand Sanitizer Goat Soap Bath-bombs Almost every product we made contained ingredients that are most likely already in your pantry. And many of our products were edible. Exercise At the Sandy spa, a healthy life style is so important to us so we touched upon diet and exercise. Each day the girls would start their morning off with a different form of exercise.  Thai Chi Yoga Dance Boot Camp Work Out Meditation We would also walk down to t

Illustrious Illustrators

Illustrious Illustrators It was an artsy week at Illustrious Illustrators! Monday We made our own hand sanitizer to keep clean at camp. In the afternoon we discussed how illustrations help with storytelling, and we created illustrations to a popular folktale.  Decorating masks and making sanitizer Tuesday We studied Maine author/illustrators Dahlov Ipcar and Chris Van Dusen. We created works of art that were inspired by these artists.  Inspired by Dahlov Ipcar's Cat at Night Dream houses inspired by Chris Van Dusen's If I Built a House Wednesday The Juniors studied Mo Willem's Elephant and Piggie books and tried to emulate his style. The Seniors surprised the Juniors by putting on an Elephant and Piggie play.  The Seniors studied Calvin and Hobbs and made their own cartoons. Puppets! Costumes! Thursday We studied claymation. Each camper made their own claymation character and we created stop-motion claymation movies an

Eco Explorers

Welcome, Environmentalists! It has been a busy week of field trips and fun here at Eco Explorers.  Monday On Monday, a guest speaker from EcoMaine came and spoke to the campers. The campers also made reusable bags. Tuesday On Tuesday, we went on a field trip to the Town Landing! Wednesday On Wednesday, the campers took a nature walk around Falmouth. Thursday On Thursday, we had our much-anticipated trip to Toot's Ice Cream to eat ice cream and visit with the animals.  Friday It was the last day of the 2019 camp season, and we celebrated with sprinklers, ice cream, face painting, and more!