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Picasso to Pop Art

Dear Parents,
It was an artsy week at "Picasso to Pop Art."

Monday Today, the campers learned all about Picasso. In the morning, Camp Founder Judy Crosby came in to teach the campers about Picasso's use of Cubism. The classes then made colors wheels. Midday, the campers learned about Picasso's line portraits and tried to emulate his style. In the afternoon, the campers used colors in their paintings as a way of conveying emotion.  Look at those color wheels! 
Judy talking to the Junior campers Making Line Paintings Picasso-esque Color Paintings! Tuesday In the morning, the campers learned about Alberto Giacometti and his skinny sculptures. They then drafted their own sculptures on paper. After this, they got to attempt to make a second draft of their sculpture using tinfoil. After snack, the campers made their sculptures with clay.  In the afternoon, the campers learned about Georgia O'Keefe and painted flowers.  Making Tinfoil Sculptures Clay Sculptures  Junior…

Sea Pirates

Ahoy, Mateys! Yo-ho-ho! It has been a great week at Pirate Camp! Monday Today the campers learned about pirates. In the morning, the Seniors made wanted posters while the Juniors learned about pirates. Midday, both classes made pirate costumes and pirate flags.  Pirate Hooks and Swords Making a Pirate Flag
Tuesday Today, the campers learned about how pirates used to navigate the seas. In the morning, both classes designed their pirate ships. Midday, they constructed them. After lunch, the senior campers made compasses. Both classes went on a scavenger hunt (using compasses) to find a Geocache.  Pirate Ships
 Compass Making!
Reading a clue for the Geocache Wednesday In the morning, the Junior campers had a friendship circle on teamwork. They had to create a pirate ship using their bodies. Communication was key for this task! Their next task was working at their tables to create pirate ships using an assembly of materials, such as popsicle sticks, straws, cups, and tape. The seniors ma…

Eyeballs and Goo!

Dear Camper Families, It was a fun week at "Eyeballs and Goo!"
Monday This morning, campers traced their bodies onto large paper. This will be used throughout the week to add body parts of as the class leaners about different systems. After the snack, both groups learned about the brain. The Juniors did a five senses activity with popcorn. In the afternoon, they learned about the nervous system and played nervous system games.  Seniors Making Body Models  The 5 Senses and Popcorn! Tuesday Today was Heart Day! In the morning, the classes learned about the importance of the heart and added the heart to their body outlines. The seniors did several pulse activities. The Juniors learned about heart health and the importance of exercise. They then went outside to play some water games (staying cool AND keeping the heart healthy!) In the afternoon, the Juniors made heart paintings while the Seniors played mind bender games.
 Painting Hearts: A Human Heart and a Valentine Heart Ms. …